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Fire Water Bathtub Tea

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Ready for the ultimate botanical bath soak? Simply place the tea in the bottom of your bathtub as it fills with water, and enjoy the soothing aromatherapy. The herbal formula will infused the bath water for a calm, healing experience. Relax and release all stress and worry. 

Each bag has a wonderful mix of Dead Sea salt, Epsom salt and various botanicals, such as chamomile, rose, and mandarin peels. Bathtub teas can also be used as a foot soak. In addition, it makes a wonderful gift for yourself or a loved one.


Milk & Honey - organic rolled oats, organic goat milk and buttermilk powders, organic honey powder, dead sea salt, astragalus root, magnesium flakes

Himalayan Floral - pink Himalayan salt, dead sea salt, organic red rose buds, lavender, dried pink rose petals 

Chamomile Calm - organic chamomile, organic saffron, chamomile infused epsom salt, dead sea salt, magnesium flakes

Mandarin Marigolds - organic marigold, organic calendula, dried mandarin peels, dried lemon peels, dried grapefruit peels, dead sea salt, epsom salt

Bags are approximately 4"x5.5" flat, and weigh between 2-3.5oz, depending on the blend (blends with oatmeal will be heavier, etc.).

All bath tea bags will be shrink wrapped before being packed and shipped. This is to help contain any salt fallout from the bath bags during shipping. 


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