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I'm an herbalist & holistic educator with a passion for advancing living water, soil & food systems.

I began my social entrepreneurial career over a decade ago, when I founded House of Battles, a social impact agency. With a narrow focus, House of Battles empowered entrepreneurs to use their businesses as a leading force for positive behavior changes, policy progression, community development, and transformative thinking.

Over those years, I worked with leading humanitarian brands like American Heart Association, Chicago Urban League, Special Olympics, the National Coalition for the Homeless, Harvard's Black Policy Conference and many others. My love for charitable giving strategies helped feed hundreds of women and children living in poverty. I'm grateful that a large part of my success is attributed to the influence of mentoring relationships in addition to community-centered cooperatives.

Serving in this capacity, I realized how much more I could do as a farmer and botanical business owner. I decided to change careers. Then I began studying horticulture, urban farming and herbalism. As I gathered more knowledge, I was drawn back to my family's farming background. My elders educated me about ancestral practices that were lost due to forced displacementmass migration and environmental racism. I began to reconnect with my family's lineage and land in Mississippi. In my spirit I heard the call to restore a legacy.

Inspired by my bond with the land, I began my training as an apprentice in clinical herbalism and spiritual herbalism. I worked to educate and heal members of my family and local community with use of plant medicine and horticultural therapy. Training with Master Herbalists, I began my own healing journey on a mission to heal others. I learned so much about my body's integration with the environment and my spirit's integration with my emotions. For the first time in my life, I could understand the source of all of my experiences, choices and motivations.

After working in the alternative health industry for over five years, my mother and I teamed up to create Roots + Fire Water Co. A passion project, Roots + Fire Water's mission is to create healthier homes with the infusion of plant love. A mother and daughter's love for plants, tea, self care and gardening led to a more than your average plant store. 

Since the opening of the shop, I've seen the impact of plants on the vitality and health of my clients and customers. Homes with fresh air, herbal tea, plants, serene aromatherapy and fresh produce can change the well-being of any family. My mother and I took our family's herbal recipes and formulated our trademarked Fire Water Teas. With my herbal expertise and my elders' teachings passed down over generations, we created two versions of our signature teas. The first version of the Fire Water teas are a mixed infusion of our proprietary tea blend and tropical fruit. Our second version includes our proprietary tea blend of medicinal herbs.

We believe by encouraging people to develop a stronger love for plants, we will not only heal humanity, but also strengthen humanity's connection with the planet. As a result, we can live in unison in a more sustainable environment. 

I aim to continue creating more access to plant medicine and organic food in food deserts across minority neighborhoods. In the near future, I hope to build a cooperatives of rural and urban farmers working to solve plant supply chain issues. 



Our resident herbalist, the Fire Water Mama, can help you identify the root causes of illness and dis-ease. Together, you will develop a strategy to improve your health and quality of life. Carefully formulated, she develops custom tea blends to rebuild body systems on you journey to complete wellness. Book an appointment today!