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Interior Plantscapes

Open concept spaces, pop-up artistic spaces, offices, lobbies, reception areas, hallways, and beautiful homes,

all benefit from living greenery.

While the bringing nature indoors is a euphoric site to see, plants also improves the space's wellness impact for those present. Our exotic plants reduce indoor pollutants, increase oxygen levels and provides a calming atmosphere thats creates an atmosphere for more staff productivity. In addition, lively foliage offers clients and guests a soothing and comforting welcome to your facility.


After meeting, we develop a design based on your vision. Once materials are gathered, we carefully arrange you new plantings perfectly in your space. Post scheduled care can be arranged for an additional fee.

Living Walls

We develop beautiful, attention grabbing, but functional plant walls with our partners. From small, where manual watering is needed, to breathtakingly large with built in irrigation, we can assist all the way through the process. Post scheduled care can be arranged for an additional fee.