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Dieffenbachia Camouflage

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A unique Dieffenbachia, the 'Camouflage' features lush chartreuse leaves. The lanceolate shaped leaves are divided by a white central midrib with specks of green throughout the leaf. They are an easy to care for plant. Native to Mexico, this plant was named after Herr Joseph Dieffenbach, head gardener at the Royal Palace Gardens. The Dieffenbachia plant shares the genetics of the Dieffenbachia Camouflage and the Dieffenbachia Cougar. Wear gloves when touching as the plant can cause slight skin dermatitis depending on skin sensitivity. 

It is taught in Brazilian folklore that Dieffenbachia protects against negative energy. In the rainforests of the West Indies, voodoo witch doctors are known to have used the sap of the Dieffenbachia to paralyze the larynx. To assert their unscrupulous powers, the application would make believers of the onlookers. While they might not be a good idea to ingest, their CO2 benefits are near the top of the list absorbing 23.90% of carbon dioxide in the air.


Prefers moderate to bright indirect sunlight to thrive. They can survive in lower light, however, growth will be slowed. They should not be placed in direct sunlight, as their leaves will burn.


Water once a week. Plant should be grown in moist yet well-draining soil, and should be allowed to dry in between waterings. Thrives in warmth and high humidity, but will also tolerate normal household humidity levels.

Sick Plant Signs

Yellow leaves, wet potting mix: Overwatering

Leaf drop: Low light, moisture-stress

Drooping, crisp leaves, dry potting mix: Underwatering


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