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Bonsai Tree

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Magical Bonsai Trees have mesmerized people all over the world for ages. Bonsai is a Japanese word that literally means "planted in a container". It refers to the practice of keeping large plant specimens, usually trees, from reaching their natural size by a process referred to as "artificial dwarfing." But Bonsai are not really dwarves. Instead, they are like a miniature version of a tree that is cultivated in a way that makes it appear like a miniature version of its full size. These little trees live as long as their full-grown counterparts despite the alteration. Bonsai trees are perfect for outdoor landscapes, indoor table statement pieces or large terrariums. They make wonderful gifts as well.


Thrives in bright sunlight. Place directly in front of a southwestern or southeastern facing window for the most sun exposure possible. If indoors use fluorescent lighting with radiating growth-friendly spectra, or light-emitting diode lighting for about 10 hours a day.


Apply water when the soil appears dry, but never allow the soil to become completely dry. Water by placing on a humidity tray filled with water. Let bubbles float to the top and when the bubbles stop thoroughly drain the soil. Keep moisture and humidity in the air by misting your tree a few times a day.

Sick Plant Signs

Yellow leaves, wet potting mix: Overwatering

Leaf drop: Lack of moisture and stress


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